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.17 Remington

One of the smallest and fastest commercially produced cartridges, the .17 Remington is fast becoming one of the hottest varmint rounds on the market.  Exiting the muzzle at over 4000fps, this .378 rim casing necked down to .17 caliber utilizes your mil-spec .223/5.56 bolt, carrier, and magazine while producing a flatter more penetrating trajectory.  One of the perks of this round is its versatility.  A ballistic tip will result in massive destruction on impact while a hollow-point will deliver terminal results (up to coyote size varmints) with minimal pelt damage - ideal for those wanting to salvage the fur.

Barrels available in Stainless Steel or parkerized Chrome-Moly with a length of 16 to 24 inches.
Contours include: H-Bar, H-Bar/Match, M4, Lightweight, and customer design.

Chrome Moly - $265

Stainless Steel - $285

17 Remington Barrel


17 Remington Complete Barrel


17 Remington Complete Upper


17 Remington Muzzle          17 Remington Shoulder


17 Remington Threads          17 Remington Vortex






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